18–20/6/2020 Hradec Králové
Static-X are awakened and are heading to Prague
The iconic group Static-X sets off for the world tour of Wisconsin Death Trip The 20th Anniversary Tour & Memorial Tribute to Wayne Static and arrives in Prague on 14 November!
Last fall, STATIC-X, the iconic industrial metal band, announced a 20-year anniversary of their groundbreaking debut “Wisconsin Death Trip.” They have many plans and besides releasing their new album “Project Regeneration” in spring, they are also going for a world tour. At the same time, its a be a tribute to the metal king and the unmistakable face of Static-X, Wayne Static, who has passed away 4 years ago.
STATIC-X sets off for a tour in their original and strongest setup: bassist Tony Campos, guitarist Koichi Fukuda, and drummer Ken Jay. “Our intention is to pay ultimate respect to Wayne and to celebrate the music that has been in all of our hearts for more than 20 years,” says bassist Tony Campos. Of course, the question marks hung over who took the role of Wayne … “We understand that people are naturally going to want to know more about who is singing,” says drummer Ken Jay. “We have discussed this at great length and we came to the conclusion that at this
time, it would be inappropriate for us to put the focus on anyone other than Wayne, Tony, Koichi and myself. It feels like the best way for us to celebrate Wayne’s legacy, along with the 20th anniversary of Wisconsin Death Trip, with all of our fans.”
Static-X performed for the Czech audience only once in 2009 at our RFP festival.
Static-X will not set off on a European tour alone. They have planned a nice evening on November 14th at Meet Factory. As a support, a former MURDERDOLLS frontman Joseph Poole will be introduced with his solo horror punk project WEDNESDAY 13. We can also look forward to American matadors SOiL lead by Ryan Combs and nu-metal Dope.